Picture Distorted / Wavery. Picture horizontal rolling when Projector is connected.How to Solve?
Check the Cable length.If more than 1 meter ,change to cable with 1 meter length
Laser Printer cardrige not recognized after refill. Its still showing as empty cartridge. Wat could be the problem?
Refills are not recognised, you have to insert an original new cartridge
How can we connect an external monitor to the laptop?
Connect the Monitor to the VGA port .Press ‘ Fn key’ + a combination key(depends on the brand eg. F5 ,F7 etc).
If internet facility is not there,how can we activate the Windows operating system?
We can activate the Microsoft software through phone. The Tollfree Number is 1800111100.
My System with Windows OS is too slow.How to improve the speed?
1. Do a disk cleanup, ( clean up temp interntet files, temp folder.) 2. Defrag your hard disk. 3. Check the disk for errors. 4. Uninstall programs that are not needed 5. Delete unnecessary Startup files 6. Scan your computer for virus 7.Upgrade your memory.

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